Evangelism at TLC is driven by find a hurt and heal it, find a need and fill it” with the goal of cultivating relationship and the opportunity to speak into peoples’ lives and eternal souls. John Maxwell is famous for saying, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” At Trinity Life Center, we know the world will be won to Jesus Christ one soul at a time. Every person at TLC is a miracle waiting to happen!

Most Christians are willing to admit that “church” has failed our society at large–that we have “holed up” behind our four walls of a faith or doctrine leaving the world at large to view us as isolationist or simply “not with it.” At TLC, we attack this image on a number of fronts.

  1. We present the gospel in its fullness, honoring and embracing all the sacred tenants of faith. We use the latest communication and networking tools (e.g., TV, Internet, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.), but we know that there is power in the laying on of hands, blessing (happiness) in gathering together, and freedom in face-to-face, anointed ministry.
  2. We offer our community a crisis ministry that provides emergency food and helps with other needs, with an emphasis on personal ministry to the individual.
  3. We shepherd the souls God sends us to train and equip, perfecting the giftings God has placed in their lives.
  4. We host community-wide outreach events such as community-wide Easter egg hunts, Back-to-School initiatives, and even a free community Christmas store. This year, TLC provided Christmas for 125 families with a retail value of $160,000. Our Back-to-School events have made high-quality backpacks fully-loaded with back-to-school essentials available to as many as 1,000 elementary school children.
  5. We have a hospitality team of dedicated Christian men and women who help make our church family and guests feel very special during every church service and special event.

Please accept this personal invitation from us to try us on for size. You will find the incredible vision God has given our Pastors, and you will never be the same.